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Sunday, September 10, 2006 | 1:29 PM

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We must bring to the forefront the issue of fair elections. With the exception of John Conyers, Maxine Waters and a handful of others I don't see very much being said or done on this issue. It is up to Democrats to take the lead because Democrats have been the victims. There are "many" pro-war democrats who are very quiet now on both the war and the issue of fair elections. What would be the benefit of changing the house and senate to Democratic if those Democrats support the war in Iraq? I think we can all learn something from our neighbor to the south Lopez Obredor of Mexico. He was also the victim of a fradulent election, but instead of wimping out like Kerry and Gore, he took to the streets. The followers of Lopez Obredor have the power to tie up traffic for days. Outgoing Mexican president and Bush confidant Vicente Fox(PAN) could not make his farewell speech in the Mexican Parliament because of the chorus of boos he received from Mexican elected officials from the other political parties (PRD, PRI) If we as progressives are not committed to bringing back integrity to our national elections we are fooling ourselves if we think we are going to end this war simply having a change of party control in 2008. An enormous US embassy is being constructed in Iraq now as well as 14 military bases. This indicates no real US intentions of leaving Iraq anytime soon. In order for this to happen there had to be an endorsement of Republicans and Democrats.


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