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Friday, August 18, 2006 | 9:39 PM

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The DNC is contemplating new rules that would move some of the first bellweather primaries into less 'white-bread' states than Iowa and New Hampshire. In order to ensure the new rules get followed, they're prepared to take strong enforcement action.
The Democrats are moving to enforce discipline in the battle between states over early presidential primary slots, punishing candidates who campaign in states that violate the party's rejuggled 2008 schedule.

A rule change recommended Friday by the party's rules and bylaws committee would deny national convention delegates to any presidential candidates who campaign in states that leapfrog their primaries over others.

"If you campaign in a state that is outside the rules, then you're not entitled to delegates from that state," said Carol Khare Fowler, a rules committee member from South Carolina who offered the change.
The rule change itself seems like a good idea. What would be even better would be to set up a rotation system, so each state has a relatively equal chance.

I also agree that the DNC has the abilty and the responsibility to take punitive actions on Democrats that don't toe the line - which is the whole point of this blog.

One interesting point is that many of the traditional Democratic favorites oppose the rule change.
Several DNC members said Democratic Sens. John Kerry of Massachusetts and Evan Bayh of Indiana, both of whom are weighing presidential runs, were encouraging their supporters on the DNC to vote against the rules change.
They just don't want to have any potential 'unplanned variables' affecting their presidential bids...


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