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Friday, August 11, 2006 | 12:25 PM

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On August 10, 2006 George W. Bush, while in Wisconsin once again uttered the statement "They (the terrorists) hate us because they hate our way of life, our freedoms" This is a ridiculous statement. It's another LIE. People from Arab/Muslim nations do NOT hate Americans because of their religion, culture or way of life. We are hated because of primarily clandestine operations that have angered the masses of people in the Arab/Muslim world. This has happened to such a degree that extremists are becoming palatable to the citizenry of these nations. Mr. Bush has conveniently forgotton about the atrocities of Abu Ghraib. Mr. Bush has also forgotten that it was Donald Rumsfeld who shook hands with Saddam Heussein consummating a deal that made it possible for Heussein to kill his own people. It was the U.S. that supplied the weaponry. One of the many excuses for the Iraq War was stopping Saddam Heussein from killing so many Iraqi people, well US soldiers are responsible for more death than Heussein. An entire city, Fallujah was destroyed. Can you understand how that could make some people a little irritated...I can. There was a time when we were close to having an agreement for the existence of a Palestinian state, somehow just when positive movement was being made we have the "mysterious" assassination of the Israeli head of state, whose succesors have taken a much harder stance towards reaching that goal. During this conflict the US has tried to portray itself as being an honest broker, but the Arab world can see that this is definitely not the case. Mr. Bush and cohorts are often complaining about the apparent savagery found in the middle east, but in Saudi Arabia women are still stoned to death for infidelity. Beheadings are still spectator attractions in Saudi Arabia. Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt(our allies) do NOT have democracries and all those whose idealogy doesn't go along with that of the government are punished severely. THIS is why Americans are hated. The dictatorships that exist in these countries would never have come about without the covert assistance of US foreign policy. In my heart I do not believe that the American people endorsed any of these actions but nevertheless the American people find themselves living in fear because of the these actions of "a few" Most Americans don't know that it was during the administration of Ronald Reagan that Al Qaeda was first invited to the United States to discuss and execute the destabilization of Russian rule in Afghanistan. Huge sums of US taxpayer money was deliberately given to Osama Bin Laden. Most Americans have little knowledge of the economic ties between the Bush family and the Bin Laden family. Ironically 50% of the American people believe Iraq was responsible for 9/11. The 50% figure is ascending, not descending. In 2006 we have an American populace that is at best uninformed because of statements like the ones made by George W. Bush and because of the idealogically driven FOX news. If 'we Americans" are hated it is NOT without reason.The day may come when you or I or any of your friends and relatives will die because of actions taken by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and company. Wake Up America!!


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