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Wednesday, August 09, 2006 | 9:12 PM

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I should congradulate Ned Lamont for passing his first hurdle...I've unfortunately been lazy and shirking my duties as a liberal blogger to cover this race too closely.

Anyway, the first casualty of this primary hopefully is the notion that partisanship is a bad thing. Lieberman in his bid as an independent seems to be running against the two-party system itself - a bad idea. Even DLC Democrats who remain in the party seem to think that undefinability is a good thing. We've seen what happens to people who are afraid to stand up and defend their ideas, and we've had enough of it. Not everybody who votes for Bush neccesarily agrees with everything he does. We need to capture some of these personality voters for ourselves.

On the foreign policy front, Bill Clinton at one point in the campaign spoke of Iraq as the "pink elephant in the room." In my view, the even bigger issue is Israel. I'm not sure it ever made it to the surface much, but Lieberman is one of the most pro-Israeli politicians. One of the biggest things we need to be rethinking on the foreign policy front is our relationship with them, and this primary result was an almost tacit recognition of that.

Lamont has gotten perhaps more fame than even he was counting on. He is still a novice politician, but I see potential in him. Perhaps he can do for the Democratic party what Obama couldn't (after he switched over to the DLC side.)


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