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Tuesday, July 11, 2006 | 7:58 PM

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Bomb blasts shook the Indian city of Mumbai today, reminiscent of 7/7 last year in Britain. One important point to get across: Mumbai, in addition to being India's financial capital, is the home of "Bollywood," literally India's version of Hollywood. (Mumbai used to be called Bombay.) These Indian films are ubiquitous from Malaysia to Africa, and the often depict sexual situations - mostly stuff that we wouldn't bat an eyelash for, but that's their big selling point. This dovetails nicely with my theory that the next big terrorist target within the US may be Hollywood, rather than the East Coast...

Anyway, I've been focusing on terrorism lately to get the point across that this idea that the left is soft on terror is a myth. In fact, in my view, the only people that can fight it effectively are those that have consistently opposed the intrusion of the state into people's religious and personal affairs.


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