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Monday, June 12, 2006 | 10:42 PM

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The Counterterrorism Blog today discussed two opposing views on the war on terror, one from Michael Sheuer, which said that we are playing into OBL's hands through the way we are conducting our war; and the other from Jason Burke, arguing that Osama is losing legitimacy in the Muslim world. (Also see this earlier post from the same blog.) Jeffery Cozzins, the author of the first post, argued that Sheuer's view is in some ways more realistic.
...[K]udos to Mike Scheuer for offering a strategic evaluation of AQ’s progress through UBL’s worldview; this is a critical approach that Burke (like many others in the global security business) fails to adopt.
I'd consider myself to be a - maybe the word 'fan' is a bit too strong, but almost there - of Scheuer, for exactly this reason. I think he is adopting the correct approach, which is the reason why I think most of the things I do about the War on Terror.


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