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Wednesday, June 07, 2006 | 10:11 PM

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Now that the shock of Francine Busby's loss to Brian Billbray has sunk in, we are learning that her loss is being seen as another failure of Rep. Rahm Emmanuel, who's bullying tactics will virtually guarantee that the Democrats will continue to shoot themselves in the foot, and hand each other clips to re-load and keep shooting.

There's so many things we can hang on the ReThugs, but Emmanuel would rather fight Howard Dean and continue to cling to DLC schtick, which hasn't won Democrats anything since the election of Bill Clinton, and Clinton only gets the nod because Ross Perot peeled off enough votes from Poppy Bush; instead of partnering with Howard and finding out how to take back the House in November. Emmanuel basically left Busby to fight her own fight because she didn't pass his muster or vetting as it were.

So, I post that picture of squirrels fighting because come November, if the Democratic Party doesn't quit being slaves to DLC corporatism, I can guarantee fighting amongst themselves and ReThug control for another two years.


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