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Friday, May 12, 2006 | 2:34 PM

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Everytime I write about this rising star in the DLC, I get flamed. Even when I post links to articles that continue to report how this SOB is going to screw over the Democrats should he be given a Senate Seat, I'm always told "He's the best chance to pickup a Senate Seat for the Democrats".

You assume he's going to remain a Democrat once he's achieved his goal.

He's supposed to give Harry Reid a vote as Majority Leader, should the Dems retake the Senate. Only I'm not too keen on giving Harry Reid a pass just yet - yes, I do understand he's a conservative Democrat, and quite frankly, Harold Ford makes him look like Ted Kennedy. But honestly, aren't there any other Democratic candidates for the U. S. Senate that we can depend on other than Harold Ford, Jr.?

Do the Democrats really need a Senator who's more likely to go Rethug if he wins the race for the U. S. Senate, in order to gain an additional Senate seat in the Democratic column? His voting record as a House Representative reads like that of any Rethug on the GOP Kool-Aid, to the detriment of his Memphis constituents. He's an Iraq war hawk. He complains about the price of gas, yet votes to had Exxon more tax cuts. He's certainly trying to cut his Rethug opponents off at the knees by acting and voting the way they would. And he's not raising his money in the Volunteer State, but far, far away from it. How does he represent Memphis if he knows nothing about the city, it's high infant mortaility rate, crime and anything else of the vicissitudes of life glorified in "Hustle & Flow"? My money's on the politico who said "Any time a person has a choice between a fake-Democrat and a real Rethug, they're going to vote for the Rethug" (paraphrasing here).

This man is a DLC product and another reason why we must devote energy to their eviceration. An added seat to the Democratic column? Not when this guy votes Rethug so much you will be begging him to switch parties.


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