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Saturday, April 22, 2006 | 8:43 AM

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ONE of the many events that the corporate media (until now) has been refusing to cover is the huge lawsuit against Blackwater Security by the families of four Blackwater employees who were not only killed but burned beyond recognition and suspended on a bridge in Iraq. Lawyer Marc Miles who represents the mother of Scott Helvenston(one of the four) contends that further investigation is needed to understand the relationship between Scott Helvenston and Justin McGowan. McGowan apparently was in some position of authority and was allegedly responsible for Halvenston being placed in a position of absolute peril: 1) Helvenston was sent on assignment with three other Blackwater employees who he had never worked with before 2) Halvenston was sent into a dangerous area unknown to him without a map 3) Assignments of this magnitude usually have up to six participants. It looks very much like Scott Helvenston, a Navy Seal was deliberately set up. During the memorial for the fallen four Blackwater (according to Scott Helvenston's mother) strategically placed the families of the victims in different rooms of the same large hotel so that they could never come in contact with each other. In spite of these efforts the families did communicate and as a result are going to sue Blackwater Security, a company that has earned windfall profits from the war in Iraq and the Hurricane Katrina disaster. I will never forget when people were dying and neighboring white communities were refusing entry to blacks Blackwater's mercenaries were given the finest hotel accomodations New Orleans had to offer. The city and state administrations were putting more emphasis on protecting property than they were on saving people's lives. There were reports of groups of blacks being killed for apparently loitering by Blackwater employees. To this date there hasn't even been an indictment. In Iraq there are Blackwater employees who are doing jobs that could be and should be done by US soldiers, but the guys from Blackwater get paid two, three possibly four times as much. U.S. citizens, who for the most part oppose this illegal war have to pay dearly for it while at the same time those who enthusiastically support this illegal war(for the most part "Chickenhawks") get massive tax cuts so that their taxable income is protected from war expense. Blackwater, like Halliburton, like Bectel has a very cozy relationship with the Bush Administration which has resulted in enormous sums of money granted to these entities through no bid contracts. Perhaps if more people knew about this something would be done about it. We cannot expect corporate media to mention this. It will be unreported or underreported unless it appears that Mrs. Katy Helvenston and the families of the other victims "win" their lawsuit.


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