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Sunday, April 09, 2006 | 5:39 PM

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It's not in the headlines, but the voting rights of displaced New Orleanians are under attack. As the city gets rebuilt, not everyone is excited about all New Orleanians coming back--especially not those that are Black and poor. Now, there's pressure to keep those who've evacuated from voting--by making it so impractical and confusing to vote that their numbers are guaranteed to be low.
When Iraq held its elections, the US government provided satellite voting centers in areas of the country where there were large concentrations of Iraqis. How can it make sense that we can't provide the same for Americans, displaced right here within America? It doesn't, but the position of those in power in Louisiana, including the Governor, while saying they support voting rights, is to refuse to allow satellite voting outside the state.
Without a strong vote and adequate representation, Black and poor evacuees are one step closer to being permanently shut out of the city. What's happening is undemocratic, and it's simply wrong.
I've signed on to's campaign. They're trying to bring attention to the issue and apply pressure on Governor Blanco to provide satellite voting for evacuees outside the state. Using their website, I was able to write to Gov. Blanco and add my voice to the chorus supporting the voting rights of evacuees. I wanted you to know about the effort and invite you to do the same. It takes only a moment. Just click on the link below to get started.
We can make a major difference for those displaced from New Orleans who want to go home and be a part of the rebuilding of their city. Each of our voices counts. Please consider taking a moment to add yours.


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