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Wednesday, March 29, 2006 | 11:14 PM

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I've added a link to TPMCafe's Bolton Watch page under the links on the right. I've decided to make John Bolton (US Ambassador to the UN) a focus of this blog, since he's really pretty much the worst official in the Bush administration. This doesn't have to do specifically with the DLC, since they opposed him - hell, even prominent Republicans opposed him - but as long as someone as clearly unqualified as him is still in office I need somebody to blame. For those who don't remember, Bolton got a reccess appointment after it became clear that he couldn't get through the senate.

Since his time in office, he really hasn't done a thing right. This is a man who, in his great wisdom, has affirmed the right of all of the world's citizens to bear arms. Just looking in the news this week, he wants to change the dues formula from GDP to puchasing power parity, which adjusts for local prices. That might sound like a decent idea at first glance, but all it really does is protect rich countries like ours. It gives us credit for buying more expensive goods, assuming that we can't shop around. The result is a perverse incentive against global trade.

Just doing some research on Bolton, I ran into this peice, from Jude Wanniski. John Bolton, Force of Darkness. That's really interesting to see such a strongly worded article, because Wanniski, who coined the term "supply-side economics," was one of the main architects of the Reagan revolution. Not that I didn't already know that he was a force of darkness, but it's good to know I'm not crazy.


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