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Monday, February 27, 2006 | 10:58 PM

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The DLC "still" doesn't understand that they do not represent the majority of the Democratic party (that is why Howard Dean, not Al From is the party leader.) The DLC is determined to change the Democratic Party into "Republican lite" It just doesn't work. These days the Republican party is destroying itself. George W. Bush continues to make blunder after blunder........spying on US citizens, sanctioning torture in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib, denying contraceptives to the people of Rwanda, facilitating the growth of Aids, Katrina, an illegal war based on a lie. The list goes on and on. While the Republicans continue to dig a whole for themselves the Democrats are silent.....why? This is the time for letting the American people know the truth because the current media and press will only do it when they are forced to. They have become the biggest ally of the illegal, incompetent Bush administration. By looking at the numbers provided by the Kennedy organization we can see how badly this administration has failed us: 1) Six million Americans have lost their health insurance since George W. Bush took office 2) 28.168 billion dollars promised to "No Child Left Behind" never arrived. 3) The US finds itself with the highest national debt in history 8.146 TRILLION dollars. 4) the 236 billion surplus under the Clinton administration and completely disappeared 5) 10.7 billion is the value of no-bid contracts Haliburton received in Iraq plus $16 million received for the Gulf region after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. If the Democrats had performed in this manner you can be sure the Republicans would be seen complaining in the press and other media, but the Democrats are "silent" why? The DLC Democrats go even further. They are telling Democrats don't believe the polls that show the President's popularity falling to just under 40 percent. They are telling us not to believe established reputable pollsters like Harris or Zogby and put our faith in their pollster Penn. The DLC is telling us to be quiet because we may upset those who support Bush by igniting a backlash. Here is an except from an article by John F. Harris and Chris Cillizza, which appeared in the Washington Post and is also posted on the DLC website (I am not making this stuff up) "Al From, president of the centrists Democratic Leadership Council and pollster Mark Penn wrote a strategy memo to DLC supporters last week warning party leaders not to use Bush's problems as an invitation to call for the immediate US withdrawal from Iraq, or generally to steer a more liberal course that could alienate the more middle-of-the-road voters the party needs. Don't be fooled by Bush polls the Democratic Leadership Council warns" That is the most assinine thing I have ever heard. Can you just imagine Republican leaders telling fellow Republicans not to take advantage of Bill Clinton's problems with Monica Lewinsky? If someone even tried to do something as ridiculous as that they would be laughed at unmercifully. The DLC has been using this same type of approach for the last two Democratic presidential elections and the Democrats have lost. The time has come for the Democrats to motivate their base, which does NOT happen to be middle-of-the-road. For at least the hundreth time I will repeat something the DLC just doesn't understand. "If the Republican voter is given the chance to choose between a true Republican and a DLC wannabe Republican, he or she will choose the true Republican."


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