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Thursday, April 13, 2006 | 9:18 AM

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It is painfully obvious that this dubiously selected president is hurting our country. What is so shocking is that after countless outrageous accusations of wrongdoing the supposedly "opposition" party says little and does nothing. Only two senators Feingold and Boxer support censure. Keep in mind I am talking about censure, which really amounts to a slap on the wrist, what is really needed is impeachment. George Bush has lied to the American people about the reasons for war. George Bush deliberately leaked information about a CIA agent to the press as vengeance for the agent's husband's opposition to the Iraq war.George Bush has been elected twice due to blatant voter intimidation, manipulation and outright fraud in Florida, Ohio, and now we are learning about the phone jamming scheme in New Hampshire. George Bush was totally inactive in protecting the American people from natural disaster when Hurricane Katrina struck. George W.Bush deliberately placed false or misleading news articles in newspapers across the country and paid huge sums of taxpayer money (over $240,000 in the case of Armstrong Williams)to selected journalists to spread the word. This is payola, a crime that we crucified Disc jockey Alan Freed for a generation earlier. George W.Bush and most members of congress have conspired to make our seniors pay more for prescriptions while at the same time making it harder for the average U.S. citizen to declare bankruptcy. George W. Bush "admits" that he is spying on Americans by using wiretaps. George W. Bush has sanctioned exporting prisoners to foreign countries to be "tortured" George W. Bush did not provide proper armor for our soldiers in Iraq and at the same time had the unamigitated gall to cut their salaries and benefits. I am a Democrat who is angry at the inaction of most Democrats in Congress. Polls show that the President's approval rating is hovering at around 37% which is incredibly low for second term presidents. The polls also indicate that the approval rating for Congress is even lower. Democrats should be taking the lead in the impeachment process, but most in Congress are doing NOTHING. This leads me to believe that Congressional Democrats have become puppets of the pharmaceuticals, the insurance companies and the WAL-MARTS of this country. Don't think for a money that everyone is influenced by the media induced blackout coma. If you are a Democrat who has been silent about the known criminal activity of this administration you will be challenged by a Democrat who favors impeachment. The november elections will be a wake-up call to Republicans and DEMOCRATS. George Bush would not have been able to create the havoc he has invoked without the acquiesence of those Democrats who saw no evil, spoke no evil and heard no evil when evil was all around them. A recent poll suggests that those Democrats who oppose the war and who have been actively critical of the Bush administration are preferred by the Democratic voter. According to their poll Al Gore is the leading Democratic candidate for the presidency in 2008, but Gore has repeatedly said that he has no intention of running. Surprisingly the man in second place in Russ Feingold with 19%. Feingold was never fooled by Bush's lies that lead to the war in Iraq, in fact he was the ONLY one who wasn't fooled and voted against giving George Bush extraordinary powers to initiate a war without congressional approval. It is suprising that at this time Feingold even surpasses Hillary Clinton, who has 12% in this poll. Senator Clinton was considered a certainty for the nomination but she is paying a price among progressive Democrats for her "quiet" support for the Iraq war. The DLC candidate Tom Vilsack has only 1% of the vote. This is significant because the normally conservative DLC politicians, like Joe Lieberman are more likely to support Bush policies.


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