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Friday, May 05, 2006 | 11:33 AM

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George Will wrote a column yesterday about how John Kenneth Galbraith represented a liberal condescensional attitude that rejected the judgement of most people.
"The Affluent Society" was the canonical text of modern liberalism's disparagement of the competence of the average American. This liberalism -- the belief that people are manipulable dolts who need to be protected by their liberal betters from exposure to "too much" advertising -- is one rationale for McCain-Feingold. That law regulating campaigns embodies the political class's belief that it knows just the right amount of permissible political speech.
In addition to being wrong, (the point of campaign finance is to regulate the funding for political speech, not the amount) this is coming from one of the most condescensional pundits himself. He once opined about how people reading books less represented a "decline in civilization" (sorry, no cite, that was a couple of years ago.) He represents a dying breed of old-school conservatism that seems not to have noticed that things have changed since the days of Eisenhower.


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