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Thursday, May 11, 2006 | 8:35 PM

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Fascism seems to creep gradually into dominance. Hitler took advantage of one window of opportunity, which led to a succession of triumphs and before the German People knew it they were ruled by a fascist racist dictator. The same process seems to be taking place in the United States today. When George W. Bush convinced a cowardly Congress to disregard the constitution and give him the exclusive ability to execute a war George W. Bush saw his window of opportunity. When the Downing Street Memo revealed that George W. Bush had every intention of attacking Iraq with no justification and nothing was said it gave Bush another triumph and a king-like swagger which implied that for a president there is no action that is illegal. Because The United States’Government and a huge segment of its populace did nothing the outrages of the Bush administration continued giving the Democrats little if any opportunity to haveas much as an investigation. Today another outrage…..according to USA Today over 200,000 phones are being tapped by the NSA. The entire US population is estimated to be a little more than 300,000, this means that almost every family in the country has its phones tapped. If this isn’t fascism then I don’t know what is. Verizon and Bell South are among the conspirators to this heinous crime that goes against everything The United States stands for. George W. Bush tells the people that he is “not” listening to conversations, just keeping track of calling patterns. How can anyone believe him when he has lied on other occasions…..especially about the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. All search engines are also being bullied into submission in order to gather information about the online inquires of US inhabitants. Only "Google" has resisted and it appears as if Google is going to pay a heavy price for doing so. This is an act that directly insults the constitution. This nation sends soldiers to the far corners of the earth to strengthen democracy yet we don’t have democracy here at home.What are US citizens going to do now? I am sure that there are even more outrages to come. What is going to be done about it? Well nothing has been done thus far.Does George W. Bush seem to be the least bit concerned about his ridiculously low poll numbers? May he isn’t concerned because he has some assurances from those who have conspired with him from the corporate world. If ever there was a time to act, it is now. It may already be too late.


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