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Sunday, August 13, 2006 | 5:05 PM

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In the late eighties the Republicans and even a few of their Democrat friends would criticize mainstream Democrats for spending too much of the taxpayers' money, in fact the catch phrase the Republicans used when refering to mainstream Democrats was "tax and spend" Democrats. These self centered, seemingly heartless Republicans raved about "Welfare Queens" and how they were taking a free ride at the expense of the rest of us. They didn't tell us that 64% of the people who were on welfare at that time were the elderly. Their welfare tirades played very well on television and other media forms to such an extent that under pressure "Democrat" President Bill Clinton proclaimed "We will change the welfare system as we know it" Well, as a result of these actions there has been an increase in poverty in the United States. There are people who are in need that have no safety net. 45 million people in the wealthiest country in the world find themselves without health care. Wal-mart (the #1 business enterprise in the world) employees have their health benefits paid by the rest of us (except in states like Maryland that have made all big boxes like Wal-mart pay their fair share). There are giant corporations that pay NO taxes at all while legislation is being introduced to exempt the tiny 1% of the wealthiest Americans from paying the "estate" tax. Then there is the thorny issue of "Earmarks" Congresspeople of both parties but predominantly Republicans sneak these requests in other bills without revealing their identity. Multinationals are setting up shop overseas in order to avoid paying taxes. It is expected that Republican congresspeople (especially those that represent Conservative and Religious entities) remain mum on these issues, but we hear very little from Democrats as well. The current Republican administration inherited a surplus which they have squandered and they have also given us the highest deficit on record. Even the Conservative founder of the National Review William F. Buckley has been highly critical of how George W. Bush has wasted trillions of American dollars. Most Americans are ignorant about this, and those who know don't want to discuss it.


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