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Thursday, August 24, 2006 | 11:30 PM

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Robert Greenwald and Brave New Films have brought us a series of documentaries that you would never see on mainstream television, films like "Outfoxed" and "Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price" These films have been financed primarily from fundraising house parties and the sale of DVDs. The new film "Iraq For Sale" names names like Halliburton, Titan, Caci, Blackwater and Bectel. It exposes how the jobs of the men and the women of our armed forces have been outsourced by contractors. Greenwald says that he has been threatened on more than one occasion by representatives of these companies but he is determined to complete this project and show the American People how their tax dollars have been wasted. Greenwald gives the example of how Halliburton charged the U.S. $45.oo for a case of Coca-Cola. Many of our soldiers have had their jobs replaced by the employees of the aformentioned companies. There are instances in which a cook, with no preparation for combat is given a gun and ordered to fight the enemy while the contractor employee does the cooking and gets paid thousands of dollars more. Since the unprecentended success of the Michael Moore films those motion pictures that are critical of U.S. foreign policy have had difficulty with distribution. You probably will see this film at a friend's home rather than in a theatre, which is why Greenwald is making a plea to the public to make donations so that as many people and possible can see this film and know the truth..........we are being robbed! You can make a contribution by visiting


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