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Thursday, September 07, 2006 | 7:52 PM

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A new website,, is trying to steer religious voters towards the Democratic party.
Thirteen years ago, David Wilhelm, then chairman of the Democratic Party, told the conservative Christian Coalition that good Christians could belong to either major political party.

He was hissed.

Today, Wilhelm wants to spread that message to a different audience: Democrats. He's hoping for a better response.

With a leading poll showing only one in four Americans viewing the Democratic Party as friendly to religion, Wilhelm and a broad-based group of Christian Democratic activists are starting an Internet effort to organize religious voters whose views might be compatible with Democrats.
While more votes is always a good thing, in general I think his efforts are wasted - and, if he starts going the other way and telling the Democratic leadership what to do, counterproductive. His efforts would be better spent preaching how to keep religion out of politics - that's where the Democratics need to go.


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