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Tuesday, September 02, 2008 | 10:18 PM

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As the Democratic minority tried throughout the fall of 2005 to get help for people in Louisiana and Mississippi, the Republicans wanted no part of it and despite his post-Katrina pledge to “do all that is necessary to fund essential relief and recovery efforts and help those in need,” John McCain was right there to shoot down every initiative that would have helped, including the following Democratic-sponsored bills:

So when John McCain makes his grand exploitation trip to Louisiana later this week — and especially if he follows that stunt by making his convention speech from there — keep in mind that no matter what words of resolve or sympathy he throws at the latest hurricane victims, he voted down every chance he had to actually provide help and oversight the last time this happened.

The best McCain can hope voters assume is that he simply didn’t care. The worst — and probably closer to the truth — is


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