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Friday, August 22, 2008 | 8:50 AM

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>> First the Indians propelled Evo Morales to an unprecedented 68% electoral victory. Now they've dared to resist the so-called "strike" that the opposition's neo-Nazi thugs were enforcing. The indigenous insolence was cured with spiked clubs and baseball bats. Seriously, where do these assholes buy baseball bats in Bolivia?
>> In Peru, Indian communities had the audacity to protest new laws that would allow the state to more easily confiscate and exploit their traditional lands. Naturally, the right-wing government declared a state of emergency and suspended constitutional rights. President Alan Garcia may even send in the army to beat the civilization into the savages.
>> The new President of Paraguay spoke Guarani, dressed in traditional attire and promised to govern for the benefit of the poor Indian majority during his inauguration. He's even naming former slaves to his cabinet.
Of course the US media ignored, or couldn't understand, the symbolic and historic nature of the events in Paraguay.
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