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Friday, August 22, 2008 | 2:00 PM

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Turns out John McCain isn't only married to a wife, who struggles with the truth — falsely claiming that Mother Teresa had asked her to choose their adopted daughters, pretending she is an only child even though she has two sisters — but, too, McCain, supposed man of the people, owns ten different houses. Ten different houses! Ten different houses with a total value of nearly $14 million! Indeed, John McCain, champion of the common people!
The problem isn't that McCain owns these ten houses — valued at an eye-popping $14 million. No, one can hardly fault a man for being lowly enough to cheat on his first wife with a wealthy heiress, to marry that heiress while still legally married to the first wife, and to take advantage of the second wife's wealth by way of purchasing 10 houses. No, can't fault a man for that, right? After all, since when has character played a vital role in selecting a president?
The problem with McCain owning ten different houses is that he owns so many different houses that, another Geritol moment perhaps, he can't exactly remember how many houses he actually owns. When asked by a reporter, McCain couldn't answer the question and said that he would have to ask his handlers and that they, for some reason, would have to provide the information. Honestly, how does a self-proclaimed man of the people not know the number of houses that he and his family live in?
Still, not knowing that he owns nearly $14 million worth of houses isn't the only problem with McCain's ten house holdings. How to put this without seeming indelicate? Hhmmm … well, it would seem that a man in possession of ten different houses, valued at nearly $14 million, and a man owning those ten houses, valued at nearly $14 million, not knowing that he owns ten houses, because he owns so many houses; well, it would seem that that particular man would be, by definition, an elitist. And, since McCain has been accusing Obama of being an elitist, ignoring the fact that the latter owns but one home, that would make McCain a rather sad and pathetic figure … to be precise, it would make McCain, man of the people, one giant hypocrite!
And, that, you see, is the problem with John McCain, self-proclaimed man of the people, owning ten houses that are valued at nearly $14 million.
This is the August 22, 2008 Editorial of THE PROGRESSIVE DAILY BEACON


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