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Tuesday, April 03, 2007 | 9:13 AM

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Should John McCain or Lindsey Graham ever be elected president we would see that
« The Big Lie » technique, so constantly and effectively used by George W. Bush
would continue. The two senators’ recent trip to Iraq gave the impression that all is
well and that it is safe to walk the streets of Baghdad. McCain claimed that this is an example of the good news that the media refuses to print. Graham was so relaxed that
he claimed he went out to the market where he was able to purchase five rugs for just five dollars. The truth is that McCain was wearing a bullet-proof vest and that there were two blackhawk helicopters overhead as well as hundreds of US and Iraqi troops present. This type of deliberate disinformation would torpedo political aspirations of those aspiring higher office in some other countries, but not here. Right wing blogger Matt Drudge got into the act by claiming the two senators were heckled by CNN reporter Michael Ware, who vehemently denied Drudge’s mischaracterization « I didn’t even ask a question ». Drudge went on to smear Ware by also claiming that he was « drunk ». Drudge can say all this when he wasn’t even there, and his source is an « anonymous » observer. This
type of outrageous behavior is rampant in the Bush era because of an apathetic,
fearful and uninformed public. « The Big Lie » is responsible for the death of over
3,500 US troops. It is responsible for the removal of eight district attorneys who were
fired for just doing their jobs. It is also responsible for convincing the masses that
global warming is just pure fiction and that the Iraqis were responsible for 9/11. McCain’s loyalty to Bush is unbelievable after Bush operatives spread malicious
rumors about the mental state of McCain’s wife as well as the ethnicity of one of
McCain’s children. Do McCain and Graham intend to follow in Bush’s footsteps ?
An even bigger question is will the US public continue to accept the lies ?


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