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Thursday, January 11, 2007 | 1:36 PM

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The long awaited attack on Iran has entered its initial stages with an attack on the Iranian Embassy in Iraq. Five Iranians were taken into custody. It is no coincidence that this has occured the day after the president made his appeal to the people of the United States to support the war with Iraq. An attack was also made in search of Al Queda operatives in Somalia where at least five people were killed and US soldiers admitted that they did not find the people they were looking for. This type of behavior does not endear the US citizen to support this president (61% oppose sending more troops to Iraq). The president can not be trusted. He has lied about the very reason that sent US troops to Iraq in the first place.
It appears as if the US government is turning a blind eye to the ethnic cleansing that is taking place against Sunnis in Iraq. All of the countries surrounding Iraq are Sunni. It is very unlikely that they will do nothing while their brothers are slaughtered. It has been speculated that this was the reason that the Saudi king summoned Vioe President Cheney to Saudi Arabia about a month ago (Mr. Cheney went immediately). The corporate media was silent on this issue. At this time it is unknown how the Iranian president will respond to the total destruction of his nation's embassy, but one thing is certain. This time the Bush Administration has attacked a country that has the capacity to fight back. The "only" effective way to reign in this loose cannon president is to cut the funds that support this illegal war. The question is due the Democrats have the nerve to do so?


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