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Thursday, February 22, 2007 | 10:17 AM

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Reasons why I vigorously oppose the candidacy of Rudolph Giuliani.

1) During his tenure as mayor New York was sued on numerous occasions and lost. A considerable amount of revenue was lost because of lawsuits against the city which involved Giuliani. Not a dime came out of his pocket.
2) He was undoubtedly the most racist and divisive mayor New York has ever had. The numerous cases of police misconduct were ignored by his administration. The "We Own The Night" program resulted in an innocent young man being shot 41 times in front of his own residence. Abner Louima, Patrick Doresman, Amadou Diallo and Miguel Mayhi are just a few of the victims of police brutality that occurred during the Giuliani tenure. At this time police felt they could do whatever they wanted to do because the mayor was on their side.
3) Giuliani wanted to privatize everything! He supported an effort to privatize New York City schools but he failed.
4) Giuliani tried to determine for the entire city what was "decent" and "indecent" art, shutting down and attempting to shut down art exhibits that he felt were inappropriate.
5) Giuliani deprived millions of underprivileged people the right to public assistance. He made it extremely difficult for these people to get funds that they were entitled to.This seems ridiculous when one thinks about the huge amount of war-profiteering and tax evasion which reaches tens of billions of dollars a huge issue was made of the welfare cheat. Of course I am not saying that there weren't people who abused the system, but it was nowhere near the extent that Giuliani and other Republicans made it out to be.
6) Giuliani instituted the rule that there can not be any demonstrations at City Hall, but when the New York Yankees won the world series there was a huge gathering at City Hall.
7) Giuliani referred to his predecessor David Dinkins as "The Washroom Attendant" This derisive racist remark was directed at Dinkins because of his race.

Rudolph Giuliani is a dangerous man who could be elected president. Praise was given to Giuliani because of 9/11, but in my opinion he really doesn't deserve it because many New Yorkers were told it
was safe to go back to work when it was not. Today we have many people who are dying as a result of
George Bush's catastrophic decision to return to business as usual which Giuliani and then EPA head
Christine T. Whitman endorsed (in the case of Whitman it was reluctantly, in the case of Giuliani it was
vigorously). People have been fooled by his acceptance of same sex unions, safe legal abortions and his pro-choice stance. In reality I feel that he will be even worse than George Bush. Rudy Giuliani is like George Bush with brains. Unfortunately the vast majority of the people of the United States have very short memories. If this man is elected President we will see an even further erosion of civil rights. We will see an
even stronger influence of multi-national corporations over our daily lives and the gap between rich and poor with expand even further. It is going to take a concerted effort to defeat this man and the time to start is NOW!


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