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Saturday, October 04, 2008 | 7:59 AM

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Palin was rude to the moderator, rude to Biden, she answered off topic many of the questions from the moderator(which woould cause her to lose points if she were on a debate team), she had poor knowledge of foreign affairs and the economy, she had no clue to the meaning of the term "Achilles heel" and she answered that question wrong, when she doesn't know the answer to a question, she states that it is because she is a Washington outsider, she states that she values education yet even with Alaska's huge surplus they have one of the worse literacy rates in the country and her older kids aren't college bound, her phoney down home behavior and language is a mask for her lack of knowledge and an insult to intelligent rural oriented people, she talked of warm and wonderful Wasilla but failed to mention that it is the meth capital of Alaska and that she fired a police chief who wanted the bars closed at 2AM instead of 5 and she also fired him because he wanted to change the law that allowed people to carry concealed weapons in a bar, she uses tha baby as a prop, and "you betcha" that she secretly supports the goals of the Alaska Independence Party as does her husband. She was so intent in not having a baby in the lower 48 that at 8 months pregnant and after her water broke in Texas while at a conference with her husband, she boarded a plane for a 10 hour flight back to Alaska to have the baby there. I don't know of any other soccer, hockey, PTA , or NRA mother who would have risked the life of their unborn child with that unnecessary trip especially AFTER her water broke. Sara Palin, thank you but no thank you.


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