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Saturday, October 07, 2006 | 7:46 AM

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When one looks at what Conservative Florida Rep. Mark Foley is accused of doing to underage pages in the nation's capital and at the same time looking at the reactions of many prominent Republican operatives it is hard to decide which is worse. Speaker Dennis Hastert has the nerve to borrow the line of a democrat(Harry Truman) when he says "The buck stops here" yet at the same time he refuses to take responsibility. This is the same Dennis Hastert who refuses to even consider a bill unless it has majority Republican approval. Members of his staff and of Foley's say that they have warned Hastert about the consequences of Foley's action years ago and Hastert did NOTHING. Hastert says that the Democrats are behind this scandal as if they and not Rep. Foley sent the indecent e-mails to the underage pages. Hastert refuses to quit, even though other Republicans are requesting that he do so. These actions happened on HIS clock. It is an outrage when we listen to what the Republican pundits are saying, case in point Bill O'Reilly who said that Rep. Foley was a "Democrat". The hypocrisy abounds, Rep. Foley is the head of a congressional unit designed to protect children. He was one of the most vocal critics of Bill Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky, at the time he said "it's vile" ..but wasn't Monica Lewinsky at the legal age of 18 at the time? The Ostroy Report says "Foley had joined a chorus of Republicans who excoriated Clinton over his sexual affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. He was especially disturbed at the time over Starr's account of Monica Lewinsky performing oral sex on Clinton as he chatted with members of Congress on the telephone. That was "just sad," he said. "It's unbelievable that he could behave so carelessly in that setting." Perhaps we'll learn in the near future just how many Congressmen and women Foley might have been chatting with while typing away his perverted emails and instant messages to underage boys." Republican talking points creator Matt Drugde blamed the pages. He says that people think that these young men are perfect....they are not. They tempted Foley. Of course Rush Limbaugh followed his marching orders from Drudge and echoed the same sentiments on his nationally syndicated radio program. It would be wrong to paint all Republicans with the same brush, but apparently many of them knew of Foley's actions and probably wanted to do something about it, but like the pages themselves were frightened into not saying anything. During the previous administration the Republican attack machine under the direction of Ken Starr had people who weren't convicted of any crime serve time in prison. These people vigorously tried to prove that Hillary Clinton was involved in murder and improper financial dealings at Whitewater. These baseless accusations cost the American taxpayer dearly. These are the same people who are closing ranks to defend
an accused predator of youth. Many of these pages are now coming forward and admitting that there were "afraid" and that their future political aspirations could easily be thwarted on the whim of a powerful congressional figure. I wonder what the bible toting homophobic born again Religious conservatives have to say about this one. Rep. Mark Foley was one of your guys, isn't he Mr. Dobson? Doesn't he share your "values" Mr. Falwell? Didn't you encourage your followers in Florida to support this man Mr. Robertson? You guys are never at a loss for words: what do you say now?


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