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This is an experiment. Spam will be deleted. Duh.

You will want to email the post to this address (watch the spam blocker.) Since it doesn't know who it's coming from, you will have to encode your name and url within the subject, after the title of the post, like this:
title [your name,your url]
or this:
title [your name]
Make sure to follow this format exactly (especially make sure there's no space after the comma,) since the computer reads it automatically. Also, make sure there aren't any signatures or ads for phone service or the like, because they'll show up directly in the post.

Don't worry about being deleted, unless you're evil (you know who you are). This is a community website, and I like having different points of view. Try to avoid long quotations from articles, but please do feel free to make use of the <blockquote> function, I made it look all purdy. If you have any questions, email me here (again, watch the spam blocker). This is my personal address; the other one goes straight to the blog and is not read by humans.


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